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Accelerated Growth and Nationwide Expansion in Service Partnership with ICICI Bank.

Project Overview :

In the year 2020, we embarked on our journey as a budding organization, eager to establish a nationwide presence. This case study delves into our transformative experience as a service partner for ICICI Bank, specifically with their esteemed service partner. Our mission was to undertake refilling and Comprehensive AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) for all ICICI Bank branches across Maharashtra, with a resolute commitment to excellence and adherence to Turnaround Time (TAT) requirements.

Initiation of the Project


Our initial foray into the service industry presented a unique opportunity to collaborate with ICICI Bank, a significant player in the banking sector. We commenced our partnership with the goal of not only meeting but exceeding their service expectations. Our aspiration was to demonstrate the quality of our services and the punctuality with which we executed them, aiming to cement our presence as a reliable service provider.

Challenges and Milestones


The journey towards achieving our goals was not without its challenges. Over the course of six months, our unwavering commitment and the exemplary dedication of our team allowed us to accomplish remarkable feats. Notable achievements included:

Branch Refilling


Our team worked tirelessly to execute refilling tasks for nearly 10 branches each week. This was a commendable achievement given that several of these branches were located in remote and challenging areas of Maharashtra, such as Satara, Ajra, and Pen.

Nationwide Expansion:


 As a result of our team's exceptional dedication, Neon Engineers proudly expanded its operations. By the close of the year 2020, we had extended our reach to 12 states across India. This remarkable feat was accomplished with a dedicated team of 25 professionals exclusively focused on delivering exceptional services.

Key Takeaways:


 The successful execution of this project not only highlighted our prowess in delivering service excellence but also underscored our ability to adapt, overcome challenges, and expand our reach on a nationwide scale in a relatively short period. Our partnership with ICICI Bank, particularly through our collaboration with the company, significantly contributed to this remarkable journey.

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