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The Building Management System (BMS), or Building Automation System (BAS), is a computer-based control system for buildings. It efficiently monitors and manages vital systems, including ventilation, lighting, power, fire safety, and security.


Electronic Security

An electronic security system encompasses equipment designed for surveillance, access control, alarms, and intrusion detection. It relies on mains power with backup, typically using batteries. This cost-effective measure is essential for safeguarding both business and personal assets.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), or video surveillance, employs cameras to transmit signals to specific locations. Its deployment has led to increased state surveillance, advanced social monitoring, crime prevention measures, and enhanced control methods.


Access Control and Biometrics 

A biometric reader or scanner captures verification data from an individual, which is then used to create a feature template. This template, along with user-specific biographical information, is stored in a database to enhance security. The access control system assesses the biometric data gathered by the sensor device to determine its suitability for processing.

Entrance and Vehicle Management Systems

Our Entrance and Vehicle Management System efficiently handles visitor and vehicle parking management while enhancing security control. This system provides security staff with real-time access to visitor and vehicle data through RFID technology, allowing seamless data retrieval upon entry and exit.


CCTV Systems

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