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Fire Sprinkler System


We specialize in fire suppression sprinkler systems, tailored to your needs and in compliance with NFPA and NBC regulations. Our expertise covers four primary sprinkler types:

  • Pre-action

  • Dry Pipe

  • Wet Pipe

  • Deluge

Each system is designed to meet specific fire control requirements, ensuring optimal safety for your facility.


Pump & Pump Room Works

Fire Hydrant System

A fire hydrant system is an essential safety and emergency apparatus mandated for buildings. It encompasses an assembly of key components that collectively serve as a dependable water source to aid in fire suppression.


Fire hydrants, crucial active fire protection elements, are strategically positioned in urban, suburban, and rural regions served by municipal water supplies. They enable firefighters to access the municipal water source, facilitating efficient and effective fire extinguishing operations

Our engineering team is responsible for both the design and oversight of fire pump rooms and dedicated pump houses housing essential fire pump equipment. A fire pump forms an integral component of the water supply for fire sprinkler systems, both internal and external hydrant systems. These pumps can be powered by electric or diesel engines. These systems are highly effective in early fire detection, containment, control, and extinguishment


Fire Extinguisher System

A fire extinguisher is a portable device used to suppress small fires by cooling, cutting off oxygen, or interfering with combustion reactions. Types include:

  • Portable Chemical Agent

  • Portable Dry Powder

  • Ceiling Mounted Chemical Agent

  • Ceiling mounted Dry Powder

  • Carbon Dioxide 

  • Fire extinguishing Ball

CO2 Flooding System 

We provide CO2 Flooding Systems, which utilize high-pressure cylinders or low-pressure tanks with pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) connected to fixed piping and nozzles. These systems are suitable for total volume flooding or local application, making them ideal for safeguarding electrical and electronic equipment and addressing flammable liquid fires due to CO2's non-conductive and gaseous properties.


High /Low  Velocity Water Mist System 

Watermist is a remarkably effective fire-fighting medium, distinguished by its tiny droplets. When these droplets vaporize, they expand significantly, allowing water mist to control fires by cooling flames, displacing oxygen, and attenuating heat through evaporation.

Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression Systems prevent, contain, and suppress fires. Waterless systems release gases to reduce oxygen levels, halting flame propagation.

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